Data Centers

Pro Systems Inc., provides services that surpass the competition. If you are planning a new, expanding your current, or looking to consolidate your old data center, Pro Systems Inc., can help. We will provide a seamless transition from your rigid, power-hungry layout to your new flexible, power efficient data center.

Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are two criteria to consider when evaluating your network. ROI can increase when measuring tangible benefits such as implementation costs and ongoing support, while TCO can decrease when calculating original purchases of equipment and upgrades when we provide you with the “best value” solution.

We can help you design, implement and install various aspects of your data center requirements including:

  • Cabling
    • High-density fiber & copper
    • Virtualization
    • 10gb-low latency Unified Fabric
    • Custom “made-to-length” patch cables
  • Cabinets & Racks
  • Horizontal / Vertical cable management
    • Cable Trays
    • Fiber Duct
  • Rack-and-stack / Server installation
  • Security
  • High voltage
  • Critical Systems Monitoring
*If needed, we can be on-site during off-peak hours to minimize risk to productivity.

Through our sister company, Wave Electronics, we are an APC Elite Partner for Small to Large Data Centers. Specializing in Power Quality and IT Infrastructure, we provide turnkey solutions for:

  • UPS (Battery backup systems)
  • Generators
    • Transfer Switches
  • Surge Suppression
  • Power Conditioning
  • Power Management

Within the APC family of products, we can also provide:

  • Security
  • Critical cooling
  • Power Distribution
    • Custom Power “Whips”
  • Racks & Accessories
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • IT Infrastructure Management

Our ACAD department will work to provide elevation drawings for your equipment and infrastructure within the data center.

When you think “Data Center”, think Pro Systems Inc.



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At Pro Systems, we believe a company is only as good as the service it provides. Whether a new customer or an original Pro Systems, Inc.
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Pro Systems Inc., provides a one-year warranty on labor and material. As a certified installer, we honor the manufacturer's warranty on each piece of equipment for most products. For more information please contact one of our sales representatives.
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